• You have to return the invoice along with the original packing to our delivery person.
  • You need to fill the special return code that is issued to you and needs to mention in the return request form.
  • Return will be only valid, if return within 15 days from the day of purchase.
  • All the original tags and original condition of items must be ensured while returning.
  • Before the processing, all the returns must be evaluated. Please mind that, it usually require 7-14 working days to collect you item. As soon as we receive your return within 15 days we reverse your payment.


We work on objections taking care of strategy set up to determine any questions when they initially emerge. It would be ideal if you email to www.bantstore.com should you have any protests or remarks.

Ethical Sourcing Policy

As a trustworthy and confided in business, www.bantstore.com is focused on offering its clients excellent items and is obliged to guarantee that all phases of the creation of our extras are working morally. At each stage, we reliably give a climate that ensures our representative's wellbeing and security and essential basic liberties.

Content Accuracy

The due care is ensured by the Bant Store for framing of content uploaded on this website where the citation of prices is done at right time for marketing where the fair description of all products is done.

We ensure that no mistake in content should be there in the description of the bags and accessories and their prices that are showing on the website then only the orders will be accepted. The packaging of goods may change as described on the website. With the due process of law that should be followed, all warranties, implied or expressed regarding the accuracy of the contained information of any bags on this website are disclaimed by Bant Store.

Any damage or loss that may arise due to information contained on the website to any person should not be the liability of the Bant Store.

Bant store makes every due care to protect the website from defects or viruses.

But we cannot give you a guarantee that if you use to access this website or any other websites won’t cause any damage to your PC.

 It is your liability to use the right equipment available to you for this website and remove out any damages if it occurs.

 Bant store will not be accountable to any individual for any impairment or harm that raises to the PC apparatus as a consequence of the usage of this website.

Omissions of Liability

Any rejections and disclaimers of obligation in these T & C cannot make a difference any kind of harms emerging from demise or individual damage brought about from the carelessness of BANT STORE or any of its workers or operators or extortion & won't surpass the sum paid by you for your buy. These disclaimers and rejections will be administered by and understood as per the current Law in power in India. In the event that any arrangements of these repudiations and avoidances will be illegal, null, and void or under any conditions unsanctioned then that arrangement will be considered severable and will not influence the legitimacy and implementation of the rest of the arrangements.

Legal Notices

There might be a legitimate notification on different zones of this site that identify with your utilization of this particular site, all of that will, along with these terms & conditions oversee your utilization of the site. We maintain all authority to alter these terms & conditions every once in a while and you should glance through them as frequently as could be expected under the circumstances.


This site, any substance confined thus & any agreement brought into being because of use of this site is represented by and interpreted as per the current Law in power in India.

Product Availability

All items available to be purchased on www.bantstore.com are dependent upon accessibility; if under any conditions your request can't be satisfied inferable from the absence of stock, you will be exhorted by email.

Product Descriptions

Each item is offered dependent upon the item depiction and supporting data, for example, size, shading, assessed conveyance dates, and certifications. The loads, measurements, and limits given are surmised as they were. We have bent over backward to show as precisely as conceivable the shades of our items that show up on the site. Nonetheless, as the genuine shadings you see will rely upon the presentation nature of your review gadget, we can't ensure that your screen's showcase of any shading will precisely mirror the shade of the item on conveyance. 

We will take all sensible consideration to guarantee that the entire of the item subtleties, portrayals, and costs are right when the data is transferred onto the site. Be that as it may, the data may not in every case precisely mirror the position when you put in a request. If it's not too much trouble note that the conveyance times are just gauges, and can't be ensured. Bundling may fluctuate from that appeared. We maintain whatever authority is needed to reject orders where the item data, cost or item advancement has been inaccurately distributed.


All costs reject GST and are liable to change without earlier notification. Infrequently merchandise might be exposed to delays, because of customs or climate, or for any reason outside the ability to control of Bant store, the Bant store will not be considered liable for any such postponement. Kindly email us at www.bantstore.com on the off chance that you have any inquiries identifying with transportation to a specific state or nation.


All product(s) bought from our site www.bantstore.com convey a one-month restricted guarantee against deserts in material or workmanship from the date of your buy. In the event that inside this period you distinguish a flaw, the item will be fixed or, if vital, supplanted at no additional cost (a unique verification of procurement will be required to benefit such alternative) dependent upon the situation at our sole tact. This guarantee is void if the leather item has been harmed coincidentally, carelessness, different elements and not because of imperfections in materials or workmanship, or if a legitimate receipt is excluded.